Traffic Offenses in Fort Bend County, Texas

While a traffic violation may seem like a relatively minor offense, multiple traffic tickets have the potential to affect your driving privileges and your insurance rates. If you’ve gotten a traffic ticket in Fort Bend County for speeding, reckless driving or other offenses, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you protect your driving record.

What is Considered a Traffic Offense in Fort Bend County?

Texas law classifies numerous offenses as traffic violations. You can receive a traffic ticket in Fort Bend County for any of the following:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving without a seatbelt
  • DWI and DUI
  • Lane change violations
  • Violating cell phone laws while driving
  • Tailgating
  • Child safety seat violations
  • Traffic sign violations
  • Leaving a child unattended
  • Disobeying traffic signs/signals
  • Causing an accident involving injury to someone else
  • Leaving the scene of an accident

Law enforcement officers may ticket motorists for a number of other offenses and the Texas Department of Public Safety makes frequent updates and additions to the traffic safety code.

What Are the Penalties for a Traffic Violation?

The punishment for traffic violations range from fines to incarceration, depending on the type of offense involved. For example, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a Class B misdemeanor but if you have a child under the age of 15 in your vehicle at the time you’re arrested, the charge is elevated to a state jail felony.

The following lists penalties for some of the most common traffic offenses:

  • Reckless driving is also a misdemeanor punishable by a $200 fine and/or up to 30 days in county jail.
  • Seat belt violations are punishable by a fine of up to $200.
  • Leaving a child under the age of seven unattended in a vehicle for more than five minutes is considered to be a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine.
  • DWI and DUI offenses are classified as misdemeanors but can become felonies if you have multiple prior convictions for the same violation.

If you’ve been cited for a serious traffic violation, such as DUI, reckless driving or vehicular manslaughter, your Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer can discuss the possible penalties you may face. Your attorney can also help you to fight traffic tickets and get fines and fees reduced or eliminated entirely.

How Will My Driving Record Be Affected by a Traffic Ticket?

Texas uses a point system for driver’s licenses. You receive a certain number of points against your license every time you commit a traffic violation. When you reach a certain number of points, your license may be suspended and you may be subjected to additional penalties.

Here is a brief breakdown of the Texas license point system:

  • 2 points for every moving violation
  • 3 points for every moving violation that results in an accident

Once you have 6 or more points against your license, you may be subject to suspension, fines and/or incarceration as outlined above.

If your driver’s license is suspended, your Fort Bend County traffic attorney may be to appeal the suspension on your behalf. You may also be eligible to apply for a restricted license, which would allow you to drive to work and other selected locations during the suspension period.

What Should I Do if I’m Pulled Over?

If law enforcement is attempting to pull you over, there are several things you should and shouldn’t do to make the traffic stop go as smoothly as possible. Keeping these tips in mind may help to reduce the penalty or help you avoid one altogether. Doing the following can protect your rights and ensure your safety.

  • Reduce speed immediately and use your turn signal to indicate your intent to pull over. Pull onto the right hand shoulder or a nearby parking lot. Attempt to stop as safely and as quickly as you can to avoid giving the officer the impression you’re trying to flee.
  • Turn your engine off as well as your radio and windshield wipers.
  • Do NOT get out of the car unless law enforcement instructs you to do so. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and in plain sight as the officer approaches. Do not make any sudden movements and do not reach for your glove compartment or under your seat unless you are told to do so.
  • Sign the ticket if the officer cites you. Once you receive the ticket, you have 10 days to either pay the fine or appear in court to contest it.
  • Do not resist arrest if the officer chooses to take you into custody. Keep silent and avoid any omission of guilt. Do not answer questions without the aid of your Fort Bend County criminal defense attorney.

What Should I Do if I’m Cited for a Traffic Violation in Fort Bend County?

If you’re cited for a traffic offense or even arrested for a serious traffic violation, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. The law office of Lee D. Cox is available to help those who’ve been charged with traffic crimes protect their rights.

As a former prosecutor, Lee Cox understands the complexities of the Texas legal system and can help you establish the best defense for your case. He will work hard on your behalf to get the best resolution possible for your case. Depending on the offense with which you’ve been charged, he may be able to reduce or eliminate the penalties entirely.

Call Lee today at 281-762-7345 to schedule your free initial case evaluation. Don’t let a traffic ticket ruin your good driving record. Get the expert legal representation you need to fight a Texas traffic violation charge.


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